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Zebra Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Choosing A Thermal Transfer Ribbon Type and Formula

Zebra Thermal Transfer RibbonsZebra offers a variety of thermal transfer ribbon types for different applications. Following is a brief description for each Zebra thermal ribbon formula is based on the first 5 digits of the Zebra part number. Match the first 5 digits of your Zebra part number to the list below, then click on the part number for detailed pricing.

If you are unsure of the Zebra thermal transfer ribbon part number, please contact us or visit the Zebra Thermal Transfer Ribbon Website for more information.

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons:


Use this standard wax thermal transfer ribbon for printing high-quality bar codes on coated paper and synthetic thermal label stock at speeds up to 12 inches per second.


Use this resin-enhanced wax thermal ribbon for high-speed printing. High print quality for normal and rotated bar codes on coated/uncoated thermal labels and tags.


Use this wax thermal transfer ribbon for tough-to-print uncoated or uneven tag stocks. Features unmatched scannability and performance, even on Tyvek.


Use this premium wax thermal ribbon for high-quality printing on coated facestocks. Designed for print speeds up to 12 inches per second.

Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons:


This durable, special ink formulated wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon is UL Recognized and CSA Component Acceptable when used with Zebra approved thermal labels.


Use this wax/resin thermal ribbon for printing bar codes on coated paper. Clear images and durability in harsh conditions.


Use this premium wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon for printing on paper and a wide range of synthetics. Smear and scratch resistance in a variety of environments.

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons:


Use this enhanced resin thermal transfer ribbon for dense bar codes and graphics on a wide variety of materials. Excellent edge definition on synthetic substrates.


Use this performance resin thermal ribbon for printing high-density bar codes and high-resolution graphics on a wide range of synthetic materials.


Use this premium resin thermal transfer ribbon for printing dense black images in harsh environments. Great choice for printed circuit board applications.