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About Thermal Images

Products and Services:

Thermal Images is your one-stop shopping source for everything you need to print your own thermal transfer labels for shipping, pricing, ingredients, inventory, barcodes, assets and a host of other applications:

We also provide specialized thermal label materials for the following thermal printing applications:

  • Outdoor thermal labels
  • Thermal labels die-cut to custom sizes and shapes
  • Pre-printed (your company name and logo, etc) template labels
  • Dissolvable labels - typically used in kitchens and food service areas
  • Tamper evident security labels - when removed, the label self-destructs
  • Holographic labels - to combat counterfeiting or add eye-popping shelf appeal to your labels.

Or, if you want to purchase pre-printed labels (instead of printing them yourself), our Service Bureau offers finished custom labels at competitive prices and service.

Business Scope:

Created in 1998, Thermal Images has customers throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Customer Referrals:

If you require a customer reference please contact us.


Thermal Images is a division of NovaVision Inc. We are co-located with our parent company in our headquarters in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA.

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