Thermal Ribbon Price Estimator for Armor Brand Ribbons

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If you can't find the specific thermal ribbon size you need on the thermal ribbon pricing pages located on the left, in the QUICK LINKS PRICING section, you can estimate the price as follows:

  1. Convert thermal ribbon dimensions to inches (length and width).
  2. Multiply total thermal ribbon length x width to get total square inches.
  3. Divide the total square inches by 1000 (this gives you a measure known as MSI).
  4. Multiply the MSI number from step 3 by the price shown in the table below.
  5. If Monarch Thermal Ribbons, add $1.50/ribbon for the special core

Example: How much would a color wax thermal ribbon 4.25 inches wide and 1181 ft. long on a 1 inch core cost?

4.25 inches x (1181 x 12 inches) = 60231 sq. in. / 1000 = 60.2 MSI x $.43 = $25.90

Thermal Ribbon Type:
Core Inner Diameter (in):
Ribbon Width (in):
Ribbon Length (ft):
Ribbon Width:
Ribbon Length:
Total Square Inches:
Price Index:
Total Price:

Thermal ribbon prices are based on the purchase of at least 24 ribbons in FULL case quantities. Price does not include shipping and handling.

Pricing per 1000 square inches of ribbon
Type of ribbon 1 inch I.D. core 0.5 inch I.D. core
Black Wax $.148 $.296
Black Wax/Resin $.236 $.383
Black Resin $.39 $.575
Color Wax $.43 $.46
Color Wax/Resin $.61 $.64
Color Resin $.76 $.85

If you have any questions about how to use the above calculator or need any additional information on estimating ribbon cost please contact us.

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Questions? Need Help?
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