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Zebra RibbonsThermal Printer Index Listing for Zebra Brand Ribbons

The most popular thermal printer brands & models are listed by thermal ribbon configuration. Confirm your thermal ribbon specifications with 3 easy steps:

Step #1:  Find your thermal printer brand name and model.
Step #2:  Confirm the maximum thermal ribbon length for your thermal printer; only order thermal ribbons which do not exceed the maximum length.
Step #3:  Click on the corresponding price table links to transfer to the correct price table.

If your specific thermal printer brand and model is not shown or if you are unsure which configuration is used for your printer, please send us an email or give us a call.

Brand Model Max Ribbon Length Black Wax Black Wax/Resin Black Resin
Century Falcon 4 1476 LF Zebra Wax Ribbons Zebra Wax/Resin Ribbons Zebra Resin Ribbons
Century Falcon 8 1476 LF
Intermec 4420 1500 LF
Intermec 4440 1500 LF
Intermec PD4 1500 LF
Intermec PM4I 1476 LF
Intermec PX Series 1968 LF
Zebra 105S 1476 LF
Zebra 105SE 1476 LF
Zebra 105SL 1476 LF
Zebra 110PAX3 1476 LF
Zebra 110PAX4 2995 LF
Zebra 110XI 1476 LF
Zebra 140XI 1476 LF
Zebra 160S 1476 LF
Zebra 170PAX 1476 LF
Zebra 170PAX3 1476 LF
Zebra 170PAX4 2995 LF
Zebra 170XI 1476 LF
Zebra 220XI Series 1476 LF
Zebra R110PAX3 1476 LF
Zebra R110XI 1476 LF
Zebra R140 1476 LF
Zebra R4M Plus 1476 LF
Zebra S300 1476 LF
Zebra S4M 1476 LF
Zebra S400 1476 LF
Zebra S500 1476 LF
Zebra S600 1476 LF
Zebra Z4000 1476 LF
Zebra Z4M Series 1476 LF
Zebra Z6000 1476 LF
Zebra Z6M Series 1476 LF